Fox's Gardening Tips 3/14/18

“Ferti-Lome Tree and Shrub Drench” is the product that will protect trees and shrubs against insect damage for up to a year.  It is very user friendly to apply. Simply pour the recommended amount around the base of the tree or shrub. This product is great at protecting ash and pinon pine trees from borers as well as many other insects on a large variety of trees.  The only fruit trees this product can be used on are apple and pear.

Its tradition to plant peas and potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day, and we have both of them in stock. When planting peas use an inoculant to help the plant fix nitrogen and be healthier.

To prevent annual weeds from germinating in lawns, flower beds, rock or open area use granular “Hi-Yield Turf and Ornamental Weed and Grass Stopper.”  This will prevent crabgrass, spurge, sandburs, russian thistle and many other annual weeds from germinating.

Be sure to work generous amounts of organic material into the soil before planting.  We have Acidified Cotton Burr Compost, Canadian Peat, Coco Coir, Sheep Manure, Cow Manure and Top Soil to choose from.  This is important to help loosen the soil, water retention and improving the soils health.

We are now open on Mondays through the busy season to help serve you.

Fox's Gardening Tips 3/7/18

If you want to avoid power raking you can use a product that decomposes the thatch in your lawn naturally.  The name of the product is “Humic” by Natural Guard formerly called “Activator.” It is the exact same product in a new bag and works the same.  It decomposes the thatch back into the ground which will help condition the soil. It also helps nutrient intake in flower and vegetable gardens.

Fertilize your lawn anytime now.  Jirdon Greenmaster is my first choice.  It has fast and slow release nitrogen that will green your lawn up and keep feeding for up to two months.  Also high in iron, Greenmaster will help you achieve a dark green color to your lawn.

Be sure to give the trees and shrubs a good deep watering, and the rest of the landscape a little too.

Gently clean up the perennial flowers now being careful not to damage any young sprouts that are starting to emerge.  We have a great shrub rake made by flexrake to make the spring clean-up easier.

Now’s a good time to prune your trees and shrubs including grapes.

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